Gift Guide for Him

From stationery to homewares, accessories, toys, and games, Wild & Wolf creates thoughtful, design-led gifts and lifestyle products with style and substance, to appeal to all ages. They've developed an expertise in a diverse variety of product materials such as ceramics, tin, textile, enamelware, wood, paper and more.
Come to Festoon Boutique to check out their plenty of gifts and stocking stuffer options for your partner, son, grandson, nephew, uncle, and friend! Just to name a few...

    1.  Gentlemen's Hardware Camping Cutlery Utensil Multi-Tool:The only tool you'll ever need by the campfire! Gentlemen's Hardware presents the Camping Cutlery Tool, a multi-functional and exceptionally durable cutlery tool with a fork, knife, spoon, corkscrew, bottle and can opener, as well as a short blade. The handiest of compact camping accessories, each stainless steel utensil folds neatly into a smart wood handle, and the fork and spoon are detachable for mealtimes. The Camping Cutlery Tool comes in a Gentlemen's Hardware signature-style presentation box and makes the perfect gift for camping enthusiasts everywhere.

    2.  Ridley's Sing It Back Trivia Quiz Game:Read out the lyrics from a well-known song, your teammates must guess the next line - singing is encouraged! Earn extra points for guessing the artist and song titles. Perfect game for social gatherings, parties, and family nights.

    3.  Gentlemen's Hardware Stainless Steel Hammer Multi-Tool:The take-anywhere hammer with some brilliant bonus tricks! The Hammer Multi-Tool features a claw hammer, pliers, screwdriver, bottle opener, knife, serrated knife, and wire cutters all tucked in as invaluable extras. The multiple stainless steel tools fold out from the smooth branded wooden handles. In true Gentlemen's Hardware style, it's a functional tool that's been designed to stand the test of time.

    4.  Ridley's 2000s Pop Music Trivia Game:Relive the decade that brought us skinny jeans, gel pens, and floppy disks! Release your inner disc jockey with this 2000s Pop Music Quiz.

    5.  Hook Line  & Sinker Fisherman's Tool:Reel 'em in! From hipflasks to cufflinks, this latest fishing-inspired collection features stylish vintage designs, sure to be a real catch whether you're an angler or not.

    6.  Ridley's Travel Table Tennis Set:The all-in-one set includes two branded orange and teal wooden bats with a rubber finish, three orange balls and an adjustable clamping net that can be fixed to any surface. Take the net posts and pull them apart to extend the net, clip one post over the table edge using the simple non-slip clamp built into the bottom, then pull the other post across the length of the table and fix it in place to set up the net. The vice grips on each post not only grip well to ensure stability, but they are also soft enough to ensure that no marks are left on the playing surface after use. Play the classic game in the office, in the sports club, in the pub or even on the train! Attaches to any table up to 6 inches wide.


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