Healing for Justin - Isaiah 49:11 #walkuphill

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"The message on the t-shirt is simple. We are choosing to trust God, through everything. We are choosing to believe that His love is perfect. We are choosing to see the mountain in front of us and walk uphill... and we're grateful we are not doing this alone."


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Words from Josh (visit www.caringbridge.org/visit/healingforjustin to learn more) :

"Beginning in September of 2018 I started experiencing weaknesses in my right hand as well as fasciculations in my right arm/shoulder.  I went to our family Doctor at the suggestion of a friend who manages a local physical therapy practice.  After running a few tests on me my family Dr recommended that I go see a neurologist and dropped MS as something he wasn't ruling out.  I went to see a neurologist at UPMC in Lancaster who conducted two MRIs.  The brain MRI showed several white spots on my brain and my neck MRI came back very clean.  This threw the neurologist back a little and he proceeded to order many tests including 12 blood tests, a spinal tap, and an EMG.  Upon those results, he determined that it was a neuromuscular condition and referred me to a neuromuscular specialist at UPenn.  On Friday, Dec 14th Lori and I went to UPenn not expecting to get any diagnosis at this appointment and we're absolutely leveled when the Dr. gave a diagnosis of ALS.  
 The Lord immediately began orchestrating events with family and those with healing ministries to be at our house within an hour of arriving home from our diagnosis.  Through this process, I have begun to realize what the "peace that surpasses understanding" is from Phil 4:6,7.  The Lord has been my sustainer and my strong right arm in my weakness.  I am believing in Him for healing and full restoration.  I believe He does not desire his children to be sick and that the spirit of ALS has no place in my body.  Thank you for walking on this journey with me and particularly for your prayers for my healing.  My prayer is that your faith will be strengthened with mine by the work of the King of Kings in my story of restoration."


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