Kevin Lehman 10 Oz. Tumbler, Christina Maser Candle

Kevin Lehman 10 Oz. Tumbler, Christina Maser Candle

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Candles that speak to the spirit of creativity in Lancaster. Christina Maser poured scented soy wax into gorgeous, multi tonal marbled glass tumblers that were handblown just for us by local artist Kevin Lehman. This candle is a special work of art, sure to be appreciated by any gift recipient. When the candle is finished, the cleaned tumbler makes a perfectly unique drinking glass.

How to Use:

Light using a stick lighter or match. Put out with a candle extinguisher. Trim wick as needed. Approximate burn time 75+ hours. Please reuse or recycle containers. To remove leftover wax, place vessel in freezer for at least an hour. Gently pop wax out using the handle end of a spoon.

Our Formula:

This special edition glass vessel was expertly hand blown by local artist Kevin Lehman. Kevin is an incredibly talented and experienced pottery and glass expert with a studio here in Lancaster City. 

All of our candles are handmade with natural soy wax, cotton and paper cored wicks, and scented with pure essential oils and natural based fragrance oils. All of our candles are poured by hand in small batches. The glass containers and metal tins can be reused or recycled when empty.

Our daily mission is to awaken and inspire with passion the creative spirit within those we serve. We house Lancaster City's most extensive collection of botanically correct silk flowers, boutique clothing, cards, jewelry and accessories, home décor and a large selection of locally made soy candles.

Our 2600 square foot store, located in a historic Lancaster City firehouse, boasts an amazing vibe of urban city and is merchandised like no other boutique in the area.

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