Baudelaire Sisal Sponge

Baudelaire Sisal Sponge

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For a firm—but gentle exfoliation, nothing beats natural sisal fiber. It's soft enough to use on your face, serious enough to clean behind your ears, and strong enough to scrub your elbows, knees, and toes.

The sisal sponge by Baudelaire will give you a shower experience as sweet as the agave plant its fibers originate from. Made with a cellulose sponge core for extra absorbency and lather. Handmade by a women's collective in Columbia. Use the strap on the back to give your body a serious exfoliation or to lather up for an all-over gentle scrub. 

Level of Exfoliation :  Medium

Why Exfoliate?

  • Stimulates healthy circulation
  • Removes top layer of dead skin cells 
  • Opens pores to air, moisture, and nourishment 
  • Leaves a bright and healthy glow

How to Enjoy : 

Add your favorite bar soap or shower gel directly to the sponge and enjoy the invigorating clean. The Baudelaire Sisal Sponge is a luxurious addition to your bathing ritual.

After each use, rinse with clean cool water, shake out, and hang to dry.

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