Erode Soaps

Erode Soaps

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A tactile object by nature, the Erode Soap Summit Series becomes one of desire and play, adding a different kind of beauty to the daily ritual of bathing. Each organic soap is poured and cast by hand, so that the scents and botanic ingredients are revealed in layers, carefully chosen to blend together. The design’s luscious and unique shape suggests its own obsolescence—the slopes are meant to be rubbed, the ridges meant to be worn off. No two soaps are alike, but each one has the potential to evolve as its edges and slopes are worn away. Perfect shape for our guy’s hands!

  • Certified organic
  • Hand-poured in Pinole Valley, CA 
  •  1.35" round x 3.75" tall

Our daily mission is to awaken and inspire with passion the creative spirit within those we serve. We house Lancaster City's most extensive collection of botanically correct silk flowers, boutique clothing, cards, jewelry and accessories, home décor and a large selection of locally made soy candles.

Our 2600 square foot store, located in a historic Lancaster City firehouse, boasts an amazing vibe of urban city and is merchandised like no other boutique in the area.

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