Kevin Lehman 10 Oz. Tumbler, Christina Maser Candle

Kevin Lehman 10 Oz. Tumbler, Christina Maser Candle

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This is what happens when two wonderful local artists come together to create one eco-friendly, beautiful product.  These one-of-a-kind tumblers are hand-blown by master artist and Lancaster native, Kevin Lehman.  After the glass making is complete, Christina Maser hand-pours 10 oz. of her all soy vegetable wax into them with paper and cotton wicks, and the results are stunning!  Not to mention, when you are finished burning your candle, you have a beautiful drinking glass to use time and time again.  Because of their look, scent, and dual functionality, our customers are known to buy these in multiples to have a complete set of tumblers for themselves and for friends as gifts. 

  • Exclusive Scents Available: Fusion, Revive, and Morocco:
    • Fusion: customer inspired blend of vanilla, lemongrass, and basil
    • Revive: customer inspired blend of spearmint and rosemary
  • To prevent smoke and soot build up, keep wick trimmed to ¼” (we have the perfect wick trimmer in both of our Festoon locations!)
  • Total Burn Time: Approximately 75+ Hours
  • Re-purposing: When only ¼” wax remains, put the glass in the freezer to later easily scrape out remaining wax. Wash out with warm, soapy water, and enjoy!

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